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Wildlife PhotoESS offers environmental credits that represent a variety of ecosystems including wetland communities (such as forested, scrub/shrub or emergent pools), streams with riparian buffers, and mature forested uplands.

EarthSource Solutions, Inc. provides professional time-oriented service and coordination for your project. Assured confidentiality and a partnership focus will make the process streamlined and efficient for you and your team. We have a proven track record of permitting and liability resolution.

Now, you can concentrate on the project at hand.

Wetland Mitigation Banking

A wetlands mitigation bank is managed wetland area that has received regulatory authorization at the federal, state, and local levels. Characterized by restoration, creation, enhancement, and preservation, this land is set aside under regulatory guidelines to compensate for present and future development impacts. Regulations require that the landowner or developer "mitigate" or compensate for authorized impacts in the developed area. The purchase of credits from an approved mitigation bank is a preferable regulatory alternative to the restoration or creation of wetlands on or near the development site.

U.S. Waters Mitigation Banking

Wildlife PhotoThe term "Waters of the United States" prescribes the policy, practice, and procedures used in Section 404 of the Clean Water Act which includes "navigable waters." Subcategorizes include coastal and inland waters, lakes, rivers, perennial and intermittent streams, wetlands and other aquatic habitats.

In addition to wetland credits, ESS provides credits for U.S. Waters and associated buffers, which are transferred on a linear-foot basis and are typically combined with a 50 to 100 foot adjacent riparian buffer. This buffer provides improvements to water quality by impeding the addition of pollutants, nutrients and sediments into the water body, provides green space, and creates wildlife habitat corridors.

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